FUEL: Meet our Founder, Tony Salloum

Tony Salloum and his wife Leen Salloum are the creators of Live Love Media, which was brought to life for a mission to spread the word about a variety of local groups, organizations, non-profits and topics which are easily overlooked or tough to discuss. The parents of two young daughters who are growing up here, Tony and Leen are vibrant members of the Media area and this originates from their goal of empowering the community. The couple’s dream is raising their children as part of a connected community, where people know each other’s success, and struggles. Much of this passion comes as the result of experiences which Tony had growing up. Between losing his father at a young age, growing up during a Lebanese civil war, and financial challenges, Tony has come to see that he truly still had a rich childhood; What was beautiful about his youth was the community that surrounded him. With a journey that has taken him across countries and industries, Tony has now built many connections throughout Media and the Greater Philadelphia area, alongside his family.

Live Love Media highlights events that bring the community together to experience the magic of everybody’s hometown; An interactive regional map showing various municipalities, zip codes, and school districts; Homes in the area, and additional valuable information for local homeowners. Most importantly, Live Love Media showcases members of the community through their everyday experiences that draw them to live in and love Media, PA. Tony and Leen cherish the uniqueness of this town and actively support other local businesses, strengthened by their belief that life is about relationships and community. Every accomplishment is achieved by holding themselves true to these values in their daily lives, as parents and in their work of helping others as Realtors on the Affinity Real Estate Team, part of Compass RE (610-822-3356). Tony and Leen spend every single day working, living and loving Media, PA.