Pennsylvania Recovery Center

Pennsylvania Recovery Center is an Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center located in Phoenixville, PA. We understand that recovery is more than just abstaining from substances. We address trauma, anxiety, depression, and help you attain the skills to develop long term recovery. For more information on how we can help please call 610-233-4342 or visit Find us on Facebook @parecoverycenter. We are available 24/7 and help you develop a comprehensive care plan for you or your loved ones addiction problem.

Our mission is to provide intensive outpatient & outpatient services for individuals struggling with substance use disorder, and alcohol use disorder as well as co-occurring mental health problems who are seeking recovery from addiction.

Our vision is that any addict or alcoholic can find relief from active addiction and a new way of life. We will provide the necessary tools and resources to help each client in our care to build a new way of life. Recovery from addiction is a process of gaining sobriety, hope, peace, and returning back to families with a way of life that enables them to be happily and usefully whole. We have seen profound transformations through the process or recovery, and it is our goal to show our clients the path to long term recovery. 

Brandt is a person in long term recovery who has been working in the addiction treatment field for over 8 years. Brandt graduated with his Bachelor’s in Political Science, but decided the helping profession was more suited to his personality, and future goals. He has held various positions in addiction treatment facilities including Behavioral Health Technician, Admissions Coordinator, Clinical Intern, Business Development, and Community Outreach. Through these experiences he has the tools and experience to help individuals recover from the hopeless state of addiction.

Brandt says ” I am honored and excited to serve the community of Chester County Pennsylvania, and to help individuals as well as their families recover from the grips of addiction.”

We offer specialized programming to meet the needs of unique individuals that includes diagnostic, developmental, and gender-related needs. All of our outpatient programs include a comprehensive evaluation by a board-certified psychiatrist, individualized treatment plans, evidence-based treatment, group, and individual therapy, medication management, family therapy, psychoeducation groups, and expressive therapies like yoga, art, and writing.

All of our treatment is evidenced based in our program. The latest research at major academic medical centers and government agencies are regularly reviewed and incorporated into our treatment modalities. We monitor outcomes to determine what therapy is best for each individual patient. This tells us how to reduce symptoms, and create everlasting recovery. By using an evidence-based program it creates better patient engagement and overall success.

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