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The Real Estate Market in Media PA​

The real estate market in the Media area is one of the hottest markets in the state of Pennsylvania. The content on this page is custom created based on our experience helping clients relocate between Philly and the Media area. These two markets are unique, and our team understands the nuances of their trends. Interact with our multi-layered map, find out what your house is worth, follow our blog, and most importantly, be on the lookout for Coming Soon listings in the Media area.

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Instant Home Valuation

Our in-depth home valuation process includes three thorough steps that lead to the most accurate, custom created, and unique valuation of your home:

Step 1: Records Search

We study the history, public records, and additional information about your home, and evaluate everything to be included in the final report.

Step 2: Home Preview and Unique Features

Every home is special and unique. A brief preview of your home allows us to take note of all the things that make your home special.

Step 3: Detailed Study and Presentation

Following the home preview, our team thoroughly studies the current market taking into consideration the unique features of your home. We then generate a detailed report to be presented to you, in person.
Please submit your information below so we can start working on providing you with the most in-depth home valuation report.

Real Estate Trends in Media PA

Days to Sell

Overall, the market has been extremely strong in the recent years, to a point where seasonal effects have been minimal. Only major forces such as interest rates can shake this Sellers’ market that our Media area continues to experience.

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Months of Inventory

If there is one thing people should know about the real estate market, is that they should know if the market is in a buyer’s, or seller’s market. While the most accurate definition of these markets depends on supply (inventory) and demand (number of active buyers), the industry has agreed that 6 months of inventory is a simple and informative reference point.

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