Inv and Sales Graph

This graph shows the active inventory of single-family homes for sale at the end of every month (blue line), and the total sales within each given month (orange bars) in Media PA (19063 zip code). If you pay attention to the trends within any one year, you can easily notice how inventory starts low in January, peaks in May, dips in August, recovers slightly in October or November and then drops again at the end of the year. This trend though has been changing in the last couple of years. Not only has inventory been decreasing within the one given year, but also decreasing overall from one year to the next. This trend was most dramatic in 2017 and 2018in our local market of Media PA. In the meantime, while sales follow a similar seasonal cycle, the number of homes sold have not dropped over the years. The end result of a lower inventory along with steady sales have created a competitive market that has been witnessed in many markets, especially in the Media PA area. To learn more contact Tony and Leen Salloum at, or 215-285-6435.